All Cam-Arts products are 100% authentic, licensed imports.

Free shipping on orders of $150 or more! We also combine shipping for smaller orders!

Enjoy 15% off every second item added to your cart as a courtesy for buying multiple products!

Extremely rare finds! We strive to provide the best in stock collection of old figures, toys, and collectibles. Some main brands that we like to carry include but are not limited to: LEGO, Square-Enix, Jazwares, Resaurus, Bandai, Toy Island, Jakks Pacific, Joyride, and many more!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does Cam-Arts ship from?

  • The United States

Is COVID-19 affecting shipments?

  • COVID-19 may delay the release date of Pre-Order items as they are ordered to the store from overseas. However, these dates will be updated accordingly on product pages to display the current expected release date.
  • All items are shipped from within the United States, shipping for In-Stock items will not be affected by COVID-19.

Are there returns?

  • Unfortunately due to the nature of collectibles, we do not offer refunds at this time.

Does Cam-Arts ship outside of The United States?

  • We do! There may be extra shipping charges depending on the location, but you will be invoiced before shipment to confirm the total price.

How do Pre-Orders work?

  • Pre-Orders are available for items that tend to sell out before they get released, to ensure our customers get one for market price!
  • Payment is required immediately to Pre-Order an item.
  • If you order multiple items, or a bundle/lot that includes a Pre-Order, the full order will be held for shipment until all of the items have been released.

Why buy from Cam-Arts?

  • We offer 100% authentic products only. Not only do we offer reliability, but we have spent years building up our YouTube review channel, Cam-Arts, and making a point to let viewers know how to tell bootlegs from genuine products.
  • We offer the lowest prices on the internet!


Company started in 2016.

Two active employees.


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